China Minsheng (Xiamen) Mining Technology Service Co. , Ltd.

China Minsheng(Xiamen)Mining Technology Services Co., Ltd., established in September 2020, is a holding subsidiary of the CM STONE Group. The company is committed to become a stone mining assets appraisal standards setters and practitioners. We provide quarry  owners, stone business owners and the institution of outside investors with professional comprehensive evaluation of quarry project, authorized professional certification and financial capital authority approved investment report. We also provide stone-industry-related services, including quarry plan, design and construction, equipment selection, configuration of consumable items, etc. At present, the company has formed a good cooperative relationship with SRK International Appraisal Agency, Shanxi Rulin Asset Appraisal Affairs Co., Ltd., China Building Materials Industry Planning and Research Institute, Suzhou Sinomaterial (non-metal) Industrial Design and Research Institute and related industry experts and scholars.

General Manager: Xizhao Zhuang 

Tel: 13906097576,5052768

add: 13th Floor, Century Building, 7 Yilan Road, Siming District, Xiamen City



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