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China Minsheng Stone Industry Group (a.k.a“CM Stone”) was established on July 16, 2018 in Xiamen with the registered capital of RMB 2 billion. CM Stone is a four-dimensional industrial integration and investment group initiated by China Minsheng Investment Group, China Stone (Commerce) Association and government industrial capital, focusing on the global production, investment, financing and professional team.

CM Stone focuses on the integration of global stone industry chain, focusing on the distribution of domestic granite mining investment, overseas limestone quarry management, smart industrial park upgrade, stone sales channel construction, etc. At the same time, we provide the stone industry  third-party services including but not limited to supply chain finance, Mine assessment service, industry 4.0 service system and other services.

Mr. Qiu Shangqi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, holds a Master of Finance degree from Xiamen University. He served as the first president of the Stone Industry Finance Department of China Minsheng Bank, the General Manager of the Network Finance Department of Minsheng Bank Headquarters, and the President of Guangzhou Branch.The company's core management team is from China Minsheng Bank and other famous enterprises and financial institutions, with strong financial service capabilities; In addition, the company's core shareholders are leading enterprises in the stone industry, accounting for more than 60% of China's stone market share, and the industry has a strong influence.

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