Mine Investment

The investment Division of CM Stone Group is the service organization. The investment Division focuses on the integrated development of domestic granite mining areas, the investment and construction of green mines, the comprehensive improvement and utilization of abandoned mining areas, and the investment and acquisition of foreign limestone quarry resources. Mine is the source of stone industry chain, and the intensive utilization, sustainable green development and comprehensive improvement of mine resources are the prerequisites for the continuation and development of stone industry chain. With a team of professional investment experts, based on sustainable development and linked by financial capital, the Investment Division plans to integrate excellent mine and stone resources at home and abroad, and with the help of domestic design resources and channel resources, to promote the return of stone value and the healthy development of the stone industry.  

At present, the investment group and central core shareholders joint operate CENTRAL (MACHENG) STONE CIRCULAR  ECONOMY INDUSTRIAL  PARK ,NORTHERN (JIAOHE) STONE CIRCULAR  ECONOMY INDUSTRIAL  PARK,Southern (CENXI) STONE CIRCULAR  ECONOMY INDUSTRIAL  PARK (under construction), which chieve a harmonious unity of short, medium and long-term benefits, and a harmonious unity of social values, corporate values and investor values.

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