BIM is called Building Information Modeling or Building Information Management or Building Information Manufacture. It is based on various information data of construction projects and simulates buildings through digital information simulation. The real information possessed by the object realizes the functions of engineering supervision, property management, equipment management, digital processing and engineering management through three architectural models. It has eight characteristics of information completeness, information relevance, information consistency, visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization and graphics. Project participants such as construction units, design units, construction units, and supervision units will share the unified building information model on the same platform. Conducive to project visualization and refined construction. BIM is not a software like CAD, but a management tool. It is an important tool to achieve refined and information-based management.

BIM tools must rely on a strong database to support, other industries have begun to build material databases to serve BIM systems, and the stone industry is still outside the door, we must study the properties of BIM systems as soon as possible, build a strong stone database, otherwise, we Will be replaced by data information from other industries.

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