Zhongmin Onlaime Stone

Zhongmin Onlaime Stone (Quanzhou) Co., Ltd., relying on the mining investment team and financial service team of Zhongmin Stone Industry Group, focuses on the integration and promotion of European limestone mine resources, and professionally services domestic and foreign limestone mines and wholesalers,and channel dealers, committed to creating the largest domestic limestone wholesale platform. The company is currently the exclusive supplier of the following European limestone mines, including Paris limestone, French beige limestone, French white limestone, Laiya beige, white cheese, Bailu Beige and Fontainebleau, the company invites the majority of stone dealers who are interested in the supply and promotion of limestone to join and cooperate.

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Zi LI Cai

General manager

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  • 13506086088
  • 3rd floor,No.582-1 Binhai Road,Shuitou town,Nanan city ,Quanzhou,Fujian
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